Friday, October 11, 2013

Obscure, Half-Forgotten Childhood Memories

There are certain things from most people's childhoods that they can't quite remember to the extent that they would like. I'd like to describe two of them from mine in the hopes that someone, somewhere can help me rediscover the sources of my twisted upbringing.

1) One of my most beloved books from my very early childhood is about a little girl who goes on a surreal adventure. She dies (or almost dies) at one point, so someone whom I believe to have been a shaman forms her into a pod, plants her, and grows her back to life.

2) When I was in middle school in the early to mid 1990s, there was a computer game that came preinstalled on our computer. I think that we had a Gateway at the time. Do people still buy those? Anyway, it was a basic math game in which hedgehogs ate worms and made (I assume) unintentionally disturbing sexual noises.

These examples have been bugging me for many years. Please, help!