Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Movie Watching Project

I first posted this to my facebook notes on September 13, 2011 as "Movie Recommendations for Dave." Dave is my fiancé. The project has been very slow going due to a) his busy schedule and b) his extreme reluctance to watch movies in general. He doesn't like most movies. Rare, but not unheard of. I felt, however, that his limited viewing experience made him unqualified to decide that he wasn't a movie person. Thus this project was born and, much to his annoyance, he is my lab rat.

The following is a list of recommendations compiled from various people. The fact that he has not seen (or even heard of) some of these movies will amaze you. Others are more obscure and are simply on the list because one or more people thought that he should see them. Concerning the groups of movies and directors on the list, he may have seen some of these, but it was easier to just group them together if he hadn't seen most. Some of these movies I also don't like. A few I also have not seen.

Dave gave each viewed movie a rating from 1-5 stars. He also has some very amusing comments for some of them. Enjoy and feel free to contribute.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Obscure, Half-Forgotten Childhood Memories

There are certain things from most people's childhoods that they can't quite remember to the extent that they would like. I'd like to describe two of them from mine in the hopes that someone, somewhere can help me rediscover the sources of my twisted upbringing.

1) One of my most beloved books from my very early childhood is about a little girl who goes on a surreal adventure. She dies (or almost dies) at one point, so someone whom I believe to have been a shaman forms her into a pod, plants her, and grows her back to life.

2) When I was in middle school in the early to mid 1990s, there was a computer game that came preinstalled on our computer. I think that we had a Gateway at the time. Do people still buy those? Anyway, it was a basic math game in which hedgehogs ate worms and made (I assume) unintentionally disturbing sexual noises.

These examples have been bugging me for many years. Please, help!