Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who's the Caboose? Review

Who's the Caboose? is a mockumentary in the style of The Office. I heard about it while listening to the podcast WTF with Marc Maron. Being a fan of his as well as many of the people in the film's cast, I figured that it was worth a watch. Well before its time, it is a simple, yet compelling commentary on the nature of Hollywood. Susan and Max are a young couple who are both comedians. Susan decides to move to Los Angeles for auditions during pilot season. Max reluctantly follows her with no intention of participating in the local culture. Very shortly into the film, I could sense that, despite his reluctance, Max would get drawn into L.A.'s environment of vapidness and greed, while Susan would experience more tribulation than she initially anticipated. I did not, however, anticipate just how many sudden changes they both would experience, both positive and negative. This film is by 90s alternative comedians, for 90s alternative comedians, but still holds appeal for a wider audience. As a side note, there are some hidden gems by the graphics entry assistant near the end of the credits.